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Recording the data flow would require a huge storage space and a good deal of manpower.

In other words, you can’t possibly monitor data flows in a DDo S attack. Hacking of website and private network: In the case of targeted hacking attack, the incident response team of the cybersecurity center would have to get evidence from the server under attack.

The law would require ISPs to keep users’ online activity logs for at least one year.

The Macau government is proposing the legislation in an effort to ensure the “security of network communications.” The law would establish a local cybersecurity standing committee and a cybersecurity center which would monitor online information flows in binary code to keep track of and investigate future cyber attacks.

But this is not a network security measure — it looks much more internet censorship, in the style of mainland China.

Q: The proposed Cybersecurity Law will affect the 11 crucial sectors the most.

Of course, evidence can be obtained from a network facility.

However, recording and unpacketing all the data packet on the network is a very ineffective way of gathering evidence in the investigation of a cyber attack.

Dating vs courtship by paul jehle